Travel Documents For Children Under 18

If you are traveling abroad, you will need a travel document to show the authorities your identity. It must be a government-issued photo ID. You can get a driver’s license to travel domestically, but you will need a passport to travel internationally. For children under 18, you don’t need a travel document.

A child travel consent form is also an important document for international travel. It gives proof of parental permission for a child to travel alone. Most airlines provide this form. You should make sure that it has all the meetyougo information you need, including where you will pick up and drop off your child when you arrive. You can also have a legal guardian sign the document.

Other documents you may need when traveling with a child include a birth certificate or passport for each parent. If your child is a minor, you will also need a copy of their original birth certificate. Depending on the country, you might also need the written consent of their biological parents. For this, many countries require the document to be notarized or witnessed.

The parent traveling with a child should also weblo carry copies of the child’s legal custody documents. The document should state that both parents consent to the child traveling with the parent with custody. This will save trouble with the border. If a parent dies before the child can travel, you should have proof of the deceased parent’s death certificate.

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