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Ingrid Lunden is a writer for TechCrunch. She talks about her career path, her favorite articles, and her background.

Woody Harrelson’s successful acting career has contributed greatly to his net worth.

Ingrid Lunden’s background

Ingrid Lunden is a writer and editor at TechCrunch, a startup focused publication with a consumer and enterprise focus. She has a background in writing and has worked for a number of titles including VentureBeat, mocoNews, and The Art Newspaper. Her main language is English, but she also speaks Spanish and Russian. She is a frequent contributor to the Financial Times’ Digital Business section vibeslifes.

Lunden started her career as a writer and editor at TechCrunch, but she has been writing for the startup community for years. Her work at TechCrunch has focused on the bigger fish, like Apple, but she also writes about smaller startups.

The Colombian payment infrastructure startup Simetrik has raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Intellibrand and Finaktiva. It is the latest startup to receive venture funding in the country.


Simetrik, a Colombia-based payment infra startup, has raised $24 million in a Series A round. Its platform helps businesses manage payments and credit lines. The company has 45 clients in 10 countries and processes transactions worth $75 billion a year.

Simetrik uses a tech stack that extracts and normalizes transactional data, providing a spreadsheet-like interface and traceability. It then creates custom reports and dashboards. The company is planning to expand to EMEA and APAC. Currently, the company has 200 employees. In one year, it has hired more than 70 people, and plans to hire another 100 in the future knowgrowhealth.

The company also has integrations with over 60 major accounting software solutions in Brazil. This enables the company to help small business owners in the country. One of its clients is Nibo, a 2,000-member company that has raised R$20 million in a Series A round from Swedish investor Vostok Emerging Finance.


The $20 million series A round for aerial photography firm SpaceDat is not the only big time tech announcement on display in Latin America this year. One of the more interesting ventures to watch is Hogaru, a subscription cleaning service based in Colombia. Their scalability and expansion plans have them eyeing the future. In addition to their main operations in Colombia, Hogaru is also eyeing new markets. It’s also worth noting that SpaceDat has a more than capable team with over 10 years of experience in aerial imagery and data analysis healthylifesnews.

As far as the best way to get a bird’s eye view of your farm, SpaceDat has the goods. They’ve got a proprietary digital platform that uses drones to deliver their best pictures. The company also has a plethora of other high tech solutions to make its agtech magic happen.

Simetrik recently began offering a payment methods orchestrator, which it says allows payment services companies to be able to connect directly to different payment methods. This has the potential to save the companies months of work and thousands of dollars in investment, according to Gomez reparingtips.

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