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The new Apple iPhone has a feature called Find My AirTap that allows you to track your phone. It also has a Stalker Alerts feature, which alerts you when someone is trying to reach your phone. There is also a personal safety app, called Personal Safety, that helps you locate your device.

Stalker alerts

The Apple AirTag’s new found ubiquity has spurred an ad hoc community of stalkers. While the gadget can be a useful tool for the adventurous, it can also be a nefarious device that can be used to track your every move. Fortunately, there are a few tricks up Apple’s sleeve to combat the malignancy.

While there’s no getting around the fact that the company’s AirTags are not the most secure devices on the planet, Apple is working with police departments to address the problem. Aside from the obvious upgrades, the company is also considering a more extensive security testing program. And in the event that a suspicious tag is spotted, you’ll receive an alert that is more detailed than the average phone’s message log.

As for the AirTag’s newfound ubiquity, it’s not something that Apple can change overnight. So, while the company is taking the appropriate measures, the best bet is to remain calm. Regardless, the device has a number of notable flaws, including a notoriously short battery life, an inability to encrypt information, and an inability to track the device using a third party service.

Find my app

If you’re one of the many Apple enthusiasts clamoring for an item tracker that works with your iPhone, you might be interested in Apple’s upcoming AirTag. This wearable accessory will track your lost stuff using Apple’s Find My app and ARKit. You’ll also be able to locate it from your smartphone with the touch of a button.

While the Find My app already supports tracking hardware accessories made by third parties, the company has announced that it is opening the doors to other devices as well. The company has partnered with the Tile competitor Chipolo, whose CARD Spot item tracker will work with the app.

Chipolo is a bit of a rarity among the item trackers that feature Bluetooth or NFC. They sell a wallet card for $35 and two keychain dongles for $28. These will work with the Find My app on your iPhone or Android device.

The company is also touting the fact that the Find My app can display the location of a missing item in your phone’s Maps app. However, this is a trickier feat to pull off than you might think.

Chipolo’s new product

Chipolo, the 10-year-old company behind lost item tracking devices, has introduced a new product – the ONE Spot. Until recently, Chipolo has been a much smaller player in the Bluetooth tracking world. However, in the past few months, Chipolo has made more of an effort to get the word out. Now, Chipolo is at the trade show in Las Vegas to highlight its new line of lost item trackers.

The ONE Spot is a relatively inexpensive item tracker that can be attached to any device. It works with Apple’s Find My network. As a result, you can leave contact information on the tag. You can also play a sound to find your item.

Chipolo’s ONE Spot is designed to look and function similarly to Apple’s AirTag, but is a bit more utilitarian. Instead of a rounded, thin design, the ONE Spot is made from a smooth black plastic. And, as with the AirTag, it can be engraved. A single ONE Spot costs $28. However, you can get a pack of four for $90.

Apple’s Personal Safety User Guide

Apple has released an updated Personal Safety User Guide. The guide has been designed to provide users with information on how to protect themselves against stalking and other forms of digital abuse. It includes tips on how to control location and protect personal data, including tips on how to set up two-factor authentication.

This new guide is available in PDF format, so users can download it whenever they want. It’s also searchable, so you can find the information you need. In addition to describing the safety features built into Apple’s devices, the guide offers a list of apps that may help you stay safe.

For example, the Apple Safety Guide includes a section on AirTags. These small tracking devices are used to locate lost items. They use Bluetooth to send a signal to nearby devices. When you lose one, the nearby devices will ping your location to your iCloud, enabling others to see your location.

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